Friday, August 22, 2008

The Friday Night Knitting Club (by Kate Jacobs)

Another first novel, and another author call in. This meeting was originally planned for July, but due to summer commitments we postponed our meeting until August, only to have the same issue. We went ahead with the meeting anyhow, not wanting to be rude to our lovely author, Kate Jacobs. Her book is about a series of women that come together because of a knitting and yarn shop named "Walker and Daughter". The central character is a single mother, entrepeneur who brings together this group of women into her shop on Friday evenings to knit as a group. It's a story about relationships, their evolution, and the challenges we face in today's society as women. Kate was very gracious, calling us at exactly 7:00 p.m. and visiting with us (all 3 of us) for about 45 minutes. She spoke to us of her desire to write about relationships, and to develop her characters within those relationships. Kate has a 2nd book out called "Comfort Food" which we all agree we should read. This time we met at Joanna's home in Cave Creek. After all, she has a new coy pond and it needed to be looked at!!!!

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