Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Heartburn (by Nora Ephron)

December's meeting, held December 15th, 2008 was a cozy group. Given the season and the rain, it's almost surprising how many people came out.

The discussion was almost what you would call heated, as so many of us thought the heroine was ridiculous to marry her 2nd husband (after he'd already cheated on her and then proposed to her umpteen times), and even more pathetic to have been in denial as long as she was. We thought it might be because of her desire to be 'attached' with one small child and another one on the way.

That spurred a whole lot of discussion surrounding relationships, weddings, break ups and divorces.

A special thanks to Christopher who was a wonderful host, and had enough food to feed three or four times the number of guests!!!

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