Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer of Firefly Memories (by Joan Gable)

July 20th is our next meeting - location available on our MeetUp link to the right. Our choice is by a local author, Joan Gable. Joan is going to actually be at our meeting with us to aid in the discussion of her first novel. We are excited to have her. Many of our group members have already read the book and loved it. Looking forward to meeting with you Joan!!!!
Entered August 4 - We had a great visit with Joan. She came to our meeting and helped us to understand what motivated her to write and clued us in on the elements that were actually from her own life. She's planning a sequel which we will look forward to. I hope a publisher picks you up Joan! What you wrote sure beats some of what's out there on the store shelves.
Thank you for coming to our meeting!!

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